Who we are

Primary care that combines the most recent advances in modern medicine with safe and effective traditional therapies. Lake Oswego Health Center offers individualized medicine that prioritizes your unique health goals and medical needs.  
Dr. McMonagle and Dr. Bourgeois are also highly trained and focus on ozone therapies, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) and cosmetic PRP.  Please see our services offered page for links regarding this treatment.  
Dr. Arnold joined us in October 2017.  She will also be providing general care.
In addition to primary care, we offer chiropractic with Dr. Kevin Colling and acupuncture with Christy Mahoney L.A.c.  

How can Naturopathic Medicine benefit you?

Naturopathic Physicians are licensed PCP's who strive to improve your overall health. This occurs by taking into account the structural, physical, and mental/emotional aspects of our health. We can help with acute illnesses as well as chronic conditions. By approaching healthcare from a holistic approach, our bodies are more likely to overcome obstacles.  

Treatments used

Lifestyle Coaching, Chelation/Chezone, Clinical Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutraceuticals, IV therapy, Body Work, Bioidentical Hormones, Trigger point injections & Prescription Medication.  HCG for weight loss. Food allergy testing. UVB therapy. Cosmetic Ozone. Ozone therapy. PRP therapies.  PRP facelift.  For more information see Services Offered.

Conditions treated 

Cardiovascular Disease, Digestive Health & Food Sensitivities, Weight Management, Sports Medicine, Skin Health, Environmental Medicine, Oncology, Menopausal disorders, Mood/Emotional Disorders, Musculoskeletal Pain & Fibromyalgia, Cosmetic PRP. For more information see Common Conditions.


"I have managed a self insured health care plan for my company for 14 years. Our staff have been pronounced, by our carrier, as their healthiest group they administer (this is a huge carrier). I believe it is because our company treats alternative... [read more]

"You owe it to yourself to choose a holistic approach to your medical care. Everything is not cured by one common approach. Dr McMonagle finds the root cause. She looks into our unconscious patterns to see if lifestyle changes are necessary instead... [read more]

"As a 58 year old man I no longer have to take high blood pressure medicine or medicine for my prostate. Instead I am eating seeds and taking fish oil along with a slow change in diet. I am also slowly loosing weight and feeling more relaxed. 
Dr.... [read more]

"I have been greatly helped by Dr McMonagle over the past two years. She has provided effective healing modalities that have addresses my different health issues and provided me a quality of life I wouldn’t have otherwise. 
In addition Dr. McMonagle... [read more]

"Dr. McMonagle is extremely knowledgeable in naturopathic as well as conventional medicine. In my case she helped me get off prescription blood pressure medication. I now have lower blood pressure without taking dangerous drugs. Needless to say I am... [read more]

"This note is long overdue. I do wish to thank you for the ozone treatments you have been administering to my mother for close to a year now. Ozone therapy has made dramatic changes in Mom’s general well-being.

When Mom first started receiving... [read more]

"Hello Dr. McMonagle, 
I’m writing to let you know that taking eggs out of my diet has completed solved my digestion problems – so kudos to you for helping me figure that one out! I am doing well staying gluten, dairy and egg free."

"In early November, Dr. McMonagle did the blood test for food allergies. Mid November we got the results and found I am allergic to almonds, eggs (specifically the yolk), and wheat and gluten. I had been having some off and on headaches particularly... [read more]

"Dr. McMonagle has shown exceptional knowledge and care regarding my issues. She has solved many issues that other doctor’s couldn’t. I like the way Dr. McMonagle focuses on lifestyle issues before prescribing. The ozone injections have been... [read more]

"I really appreciate the holistic approach Dr. McMonagle takes when she treats me. All options are on the table - diet, exercise, supplements, referrals to other specialists, as well as prescription drugs. She is genuinely concerned about taking the... [read more]

"Dr. Bourgeois was consulted recently. It is good to find a doctor who responds quickly, is thorough, and though she will work to find the most natural method possible of dealing with an illness, will let her patient know when an antibiotic would be... [read more]

"I grew up in a family that had a natural holistic approach to Medicine. 5 years ago I got into a car accident and as a result was in and out of doctors offices, was taking medication like it was candy, being switched on and off medications... [read more]

"Dr. Kaley Bourgeois is not only an amazing doctor, but a wonderful person as well. She possesses all of the qualities one looks for in a health care provider; she is wicked smart and resourceful, she treats the whole body, she really listens and... [read more]

"To say Dr. Kaley Bourgeois changed my life for the better is an understatement. My pain management doctor only managed to fill my prescriptions, not manage my pain. Dr. Bourgeois ran tests that found many issues my doctors missed. I’ve been seeing... [read more]

"Dr. Colling was able to watch certain movements and start to see the cause of the problem before even examining me. He has great focused stretches that have really helped my back injury. I have been to many chiropractors and am very impressed with... [read more]

"Dear Dr. Colling, I want you to know that our work this past summer has, despite the forecast, helped me maintain strength, has maximized my range of movement and has helped keep my spirit high. I have every confidence, in large part because of our... [read more]

"I have been a patient of Dr. Colling for about 18 months and feel compelled to write this letter of recommendation. Dr. Colling has been a fine chiropractor and sensitive to my delicate chronic back and neck issues, but his bio-mechanical therapy... [read more]